zaterdag 23 november 2013

Project Pepernoot

Little Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet

Let me start this with a very short explanation of the title. A Pepernoot is a traditional Dutch snack, similar to gingerbread cookies. We eat it around Sinterklaas. We celebrate that Sinterklaas comes from Spain with his boat and his Zwarte Pieten and brings presents to all the good children by dropping them trough the chimneys into shoes that the children place there before they go to bed. It's basically Santa, but on a horse and boat instead of with a sled and reindeer. And it is on December 5th.

As this holiday is bigger in Holland that Christmas -presents wise that is- i decided to make an additional album about the weeks leading up to this big day, and I called it project pepernoot.

In it I will try and capture everything that happens and how my now 2,5 year old son experiences it all. All his funny quotes, surprised looks, his wish list, what he actually got, how much candy he ate (hopefully without being sick!).... The whole story.
Above is the opening page. The decorations I hang the first day, and below is the story about how he reacted to them ( he thought it was his birthday!)
The wish list we made to give to Zwarte Piet. And of course I made a copy to give to Zwarte Piet, otherwise he would not get anything :)
First present in the shoe! Looking a little unsure about singing to a chimney :)
The invite for the boat ride we made in Amsterdam to see Sinterklaas arrive in his boat. Thijs is on the invite as well, cause i made it ( i work at the canal cruise company). I stapled it inside a full page page protector.

We had a blast and I love recording all these precious stories! But, the festivities do not end until December 5th, so there will be more!

If anybody wants to join me, use the hashtag #projectpepernoot!



3 opmerkingen:

  1. Superleuk idee! :-D Die onthoud ik even voor volgend jaar. Heb er nu geen tijd voor, maar vind het wel tof om een keer zo'n sint-album te maken. Heb ik meer mee dan met kers / december daily.

  2. Dank jullie wel! Ik denk ook dat we in Nederland veel meer waarde hechten aan het Sinterklaasfeest dan aan kerst (buiten de religieuse betekenis van dat heeft om dan). Er is naar mijn idee voor ons ook veel meer over te vertellen. December daily doe ik ook wel, voor de mooie plaatjes. En dat was ook hoe ik op dit idee kwam. Als ik volgend jaar moet kiezen, ga ik denk ik voor Project Pepernoot!