woensdag 18 december 2013

December -not so- Daily

I started December Daily on the 9th this year, because that was the day we started decoration after our Dutch "Sinterklaas" festivities had ended.
So, day 9 was all about the tree and other decorations. The main attraction was this singing and dancing pinquin, who is very cute, but a little LOUD!

And of course the tree. This one is by day, I will probabely include one taken in the dark later on as well.
Day 14
This Saturday afternoon was all about baking gingerbread men! My boy loves baking.... Or maybe he just likes knowing there will be something to eat?!
Whatever the reason, we had a blast. And we even wrapped some up to take to friends as a present!
Day 15
Sunday, breakfast with Santa at the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam.
I do not think he cared Santa spoke Spanish and looked rather skinny and young :) he got a present, so all was good!
Up to now, I am having fun with this project. Love the december daily kit from studio calico. Not to fond of the album. Love gold! Love reindeer! Love christmas!

Stay warm & merry friends!

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