zaterdag 9 november 2013

December Daily (tree to tree)

Hello tree
I am  so excited about December Daily! This will be my first time joining in and I can't wait for December to start.
However, here in Holland, we have another big, BIG holiday in December: Sinterklaas. He is kinda like Santa, only he arrives on a boat and has his "pieten". To help him deli er presents to all Dutch children on the 5th of December. They donthat by walking over the roofs and dropping gifts through the chimneys, were the land safely in the shoe of the receiving child, carefully placed there the evening before. Usually with a carrot for Sinterklaas' horse, instead of your milk and cookies. Maybe that is why Sinterklaas is a little skinnier then Santa, now that I think of it.....
This means the first couple of December days are fully taken over by the anticipation of this big night.... And Christmas is still far from our minds.
So I have decided to start my album as soon as the christmas tree arrives in the house, and to stop ones we take it down (usaullynthe first weekend in the new year). 

Album prepping
I am having a hard time starting it without having pictures to work around. But, I did start on my album & cover page!
So..... It took me some time to work up the nerve to actually do it..... But I decided to stamp the year on the outside of the cover in white. And I am SO glad it work out as I hoped!!!
Minor detail: don't know what to stick into the label holder now..... I know, huge first world problem, but I know it will keep me up tonight LOL

I have also made the title page. It simply says "Christmas" and below it a gold element from the Ali Edwards/Studio Calico kit that I am using saying "Twenty Thirteen".
I did not add a last name, as I am not married to my boyfriend, so we do not all have the same family name. Never bothered me before, but seems to be a problem for me project-wise ;)

Just now, I decided to add this reindeer ornament ( and because it is dark now, the picture is not that great, but I will replace it with a better one tomorrow)  that is supposed to to in the christmas tree.... But I have three more, so I figured the tree would be fine with one less. I noticed I have developed a slight obsession with deer this christmas, so I thought this was a nice symbol of that obsession.

On the back of the title page, I am planning to stick a family picture in the polaroid frame.
That's it. That is all I am going to do until December 6th. Not completely true, I will definately browse through the kit atleast 10 more times. But i will start the real work ones I have pictures to work around.

I am planning to do a lot of B&W pictures, to make sure they do not clash with the kit colors to much.
Butif you know me a little, you know I change my mind all teh time! So check back in a month and see what really happend!

Thanks for stopping by!

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