maandag 2 september 2013

Project life 2014: finding my style

I have been doing project life for 6 months this year and I have tries many different things. I have tried the beautiful white templates, I have tried the "original" approach without any added embellishments, I have tried sticking to my studio calico kit....

So far after the fist month, this is what I am gonna forget about:
* Unedited pictures. When I started I was all like "it is about the memory, not the picture". Turns out that is not true ;) At least, not for me. I now do all my pictures in PicTapGo before I print them. I just do them every day at the end of the day on my phone, takes only 5 minutes and makes such a difference!

I lighten them up mostly, which also works wonders for pulling the colors more together.
* Using apps to add words that force me to crop (like Abeautifullmess and Rhonnadesign). I just do not really like using the square cropped pictures all the time. I like using pictures either on 3x4 or 6x4 so they fill up the pockets.

And this is what I am going to keep:
* Not giving up a whole picture for a week number, but adding that to a picture that sums up the sentiment of that week.

* Week in review cards: just a small list of the things we did that week, so I can incorporate the things I do not have pictures of as well.
* Inserts! Just not for events, but for the things I want to tell a story about. If there is a birthday or a holiday, I make a separate picture book. But for our garden renovation or my boys new hobby (playing on the playground around the corner) I love to make inserts. Preferably all in different sizes & shapes!
* writing on pictures with white sharpies! Just love this!

Hopefully in 2014, I will have found my style and that album will be more consistent in style.
Though I also kinda like the fact in this album all spreads are totally different from each other :)

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