vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

Mini album: a pregnancy documented

Right now I am working hard to finish up my mini album on my pregnancy. The little one that came out is two now, so I guess it is about time :) I don't know why it took so long for me to get started on this album. Maybe I just had to find out about Project Life first!

I pick a pink mini album, even though I had a boy. I love pink, it is MY album, so I  get to pick the color!

As I miscarried 12 weeks into my first pregnancy, I was a little hesitant recording the first months this second time around, something I wish now I would have done different, but that's just the way it is.
As I did not have either my iPhone or my DSLR then ( so much can change in 3 years LOL!) I do not have that many pictures. And what I have is not the greatest quality wise either ( another regret- but that is just the way it is).
So I have focused on making what I have photo wise look as good as possible, and make sure all memories and feeling are recorded. 
Luckily I did keep a written journal ( and a weight chart - why did I think I wanted to remember gaining 20 kilo's??? LOL) so that will be the focus of the album. Not the weight chart, the written journal :)

I also decided to inculde the birth and some of the earliest photo's. I feel the first couple of days with your new baby are basically part of the birth, as everything is new and a first.

I stuck to one kit for this project, the midnight edition by Liz Tamanaha (physical and digital) to keep some sort of unity. I love the black and white in this kit. And the phrase cards are just perfect for this project: nobody is more "so very loved"!!!! All the prompt cards worked very well by the way, also loved the "Hello There" one and all the 3x4's with prompts like "Today" and "This happend". 

This is also my very first time to actually use the bifold cards as they are intended. I was always letting the pictures do most of the talking, but in this case I had so many stories and feeling to record, I actually used a lot of these to include as much of it as I could.

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