maandag 29 juli 2013

Week 29-back to color

In week 28, I was totally inspired by Trisha Harrisson & Annette Haring to use lots of whites an print photo's ready to go. It was really easy putting together that week, just slipping the photo's in the pockets and done! And it did not look to bad either.

So I did the same with my pictures for week 29.
However, when they arrived, I was kind of sad about finishing the week so quickly and not having any of the paper-cutting, sticking-things-on kinda fun that I got out of the more colorfull pages.
And my Project Life album looked more like my photo albums do: they are clean and white with large pictures, focussing really more on beautiful images than stories.
So, I cut all the prints up again :)

As I had originally printed them in white templates with a small line of text underneath, and it seemed a waste not to use it, I cut the journaling out as well and used that in the spread.

Turns out I like that most about the whole spread!

So, as my goal for 2013 (my first PL year) is to find my own style, I can now safely say all white is not it.

One thing I started doing recently and liked ( so I am going to keep doing it) is use a picture for the weeknumber card.

I just pick a general picture, or one that captures the week somehow ( or shows off my tan) and add the week number & dates. This way you do have a week number in your spread, but you do not have to sacrifice picture-space.

So at least I have "weeknumber cards" covered. Now onto finding the rest of my style. 23 more weeks to do so (doesn't time fly??)

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