vrijdag 3 januari 2014

December Daily / done!

This is my cover. I only stamped the spine and did nothing else to it. To afraid to spoil it :)
The only foundation page I made was the opening page. This was the back, and my plan was to place a family picture here. And this is how it turned out:

Some other highlights:
And with the strike of midnight and the beginning of a new year, I say goodbye to December, Christmas and My December Daily album. 
It was definately fun, although I doubt I will do it again. I think I will go with the Sinterklaas theme again next year, and two projects so close together is just a bit much ( especially when you are also trying to do Project Life - it kinda feels like you are doing everything twice for 2 months).
But i had a great time and i am happy with

Project Life 2014 - Let's get this party started! Who's with me??

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